all of us are as good as none of us

What We Offer


Unstable Minecraft

Sometimes there is a Minecraft server. And we get bored of it. Then there are adventure maps. And we get bored of those. Then we take a break for a few months. And sometimes there is a Minecraft server...

It has been 8 months since we played Minecraft.


Offensive Voice Chat

Rife with racism and shitposting, our Mumble server is home to individuals that hate one another yet keep coming back.

It has been 6 days, 15 minutes since the last racist remark. Good job, Trevor.

What Others Are Saying

These guys are idiots

— Some 13 Year Old, Arkansas

Hey, just a reminder that hitbox is for video gaming content. Non-gaming content is not allowed. Please switch to a game, or stop your stream. Thanks! Thank you for co-operating

— OneSavvySiren,

I don't want to do anything illegal